Scheduling is the Foundation
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Turnkey Implementation

What We Do

  • We provide or assist you to develop the logical sequence of activities for your product-specific construction schedule.
  • A template library is then created to hold each product-specific schedule. Each product template will have varied activities and lengths (you can customize further once installed).
  • We then create each schedule, which incorporates your phase or community project name, start dates, lot and plan numbers, etc.
  • Now we install TracTime on your network.
  • All schedules are loaded into TracTime.
  • Then installation for the field systems takes place.
  • The office staff and administrator are then trained.
  • Field users, superintendents, and assistants are trained next.
  • We provide consultation to assist in determining the appropriate reports for your company.
  • We recommend and setup logical departmental communications with construction, sales, customer service, and accounting.

What You Do

  • Provide us with your existing construction schedules.
  • Provide us with your existing sequence sheets and start dates.
  • Provide us with your company logo.
  • Be available for questions and training.