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Innovative Construction Management Software Pays for Itself in Efficiency

The homebuilding industry is plagued by lost profits from falling behind schedule. If you fall 15 days behind on the construction of 600 homes at a carry of $140 per day, you have lost $1.26 million!

TracTime scheduling software's advanced design not only communicates your project scheduling goals but identifies problem areas and, with its built-in functions, implements the solutions to get your delayed projects finished on time. TracTime catches you up when time is running out, saves you money, and keeps your buyers happy. TracTime's precision dynamic scheduling management program combines a spreadsheet interface with a dynamic customizable database to deliver a flexible construction management scheduling software program.

National Schedule Masters in San Marcos, California, says many builders spend hundreds of hours preparing a detailed schedule for their houses. But when something changes, they have the difficult task of manipulating days, activities and subcontractors and hope everything comes out all right. When delays are caused because of weather, design changes, trade strikes, shipping delays or subcontractor problems, the last thing you can afford to do is sit down for an entire day and manipulate the schedule. With National Schedule Master's TracTime scheduling software, you can be printing your updates in less than three and a half minutes.

"Staying on schedule is one of the hardest things for a builder to do," says Rudolph. "TracTime has become the industry standard in residential construction scheduling," citing 80% of the top 10 builders using TracTime software. "The other 20% who use spreadsheets or generic schedulers cite high costs, steep learning curves, and rigid software as their major problems. The combined annual home starts of builders using TracTime exceeds 80,000."

Once you are trained for about an hour and become comfortable with the software, you can easily create your own schedules, but ongoing support and training is included free for the first three months. TracTime software provides you with an interactive Daily Field Report, Milestone Report, Buyer Options, Delay Days, Projections, ChartBuilder and Summary Reports that look good and keep communication between management and construction instant and precise. Your reports are customizable to your exact specifications, and changeable at the drop of a hat. Users can compare several reports at once and view them by date, location, lot, subcontractor, to-do list, resources, cycle times and many other variables.

Most scheduling programs take hours to set up a schedule, then only tell you if you're late and do a few reports. However, TracTime's dynamic planning concept can save you in a pinch. It pays for itself in just a short time. Unforeseen delays, the builder's nightmare, can be dealt with dynamically with our COVER YOUR BEHIND REPORT. Solutions are implemented immediately to complete your houses by your drop dead date.

TracTime can be used remotely from the construction jobsite or in the office. The program also has the ability to send schedules to and from the construction sites using handheld computers. Management can then view up-to-date information instantly.
WebTracTime also allows the smaller builder to lease the software for a small monthly charge and access it from the Internet. No other software offers a complete scheduling reporting system on the Web.

For more information, contact the National Schedule Masters sales team at  info  or call (760) 744-5700.