Scheduling is the Foundation
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Get to Know Us

National Schedule Masters has developed TracTime, an innovative, state-of-the-art critical path computer program designed with simplistic ease and user friendliness. Quite simply, TracTime is “The Scheduling Software That Eats, Breathes and Thinks Like the Building Industry.”


Our primary goal is to provide a turnkey scheduling system that continually educates and assists our clients by giving them proper training, productivity and efficiency tools. The very issues that so often drain a project of deserved profits.

History . . . a look back



TracTime and its related products have become the “industry standard” for construction scheduling in the homebuilding industry. Recent notable accomplishments:

  • First to synchronize field computers and handheld devices with the office.
  • First to develop AS-400 and Windows-based accounting integration.
  • First to integrate with existing sales, options and customer service databases on the homebuilders’ network systems.
  • First to initiate automatic report generation and distribution and web TracTime applications.
  • First to provide dynamic projection reports such as our copyrighted “How do I Catch up” report.


National Schedule Masters Revives and Survives

As computer technology improved, National Schedule Masters embarked on a massive endeavor to develop a scheduling software package for our clients. The first TracTime software package was sold to a large national builder in 1994 and has continued to become the scheduling software of choice for the medium and large homebuilder.


Outdoing the Copycats

We were first to introduce construction and front-end processing schedules that were generated using automated graphics software. Our unique scheduling methods proved to be so cost effective for our west-coast clients that we expanded our services to include 22 states nationwide and 5 foreign countries.


Nationwide Interest Grows Rapidly

The scheduling methods we introduced for homebuilding were so widely accepted we increased our services to include offsite scheduling and land development entitlement scheduling. We continued to generate graphic schedules using the hand-drafting method and basic reports using Basic 4 and Kaypro computers.


The “Outer Space” Legacy

National Schedule Masters was founded in 1964 in Santa Ana, California. During the 1960’s, very few reliable scheduling techniques were used by the homebuilding industry. National Schedule Masters originally developed schedules and strategies for the military and governmental agencies. Some of the more recognizable projects we helped manage were the Polaris Missile project, Minuteman Missile system and the Saturn Missile manufacturing process. National Schedule Masters brought this highly specialized experience to the homebuilding industry in 1964. Graphic schedules were made using mylar, sepia and ink. Blueprinting was our presentation method for our charts. Rudimentary reports were generated using Basic 4 mainframe computers about the size of your car!