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Face it; software is useless if the user does not know how to use it. Here at TracTime™, we believe in strong support and well-trained users. This is why we have invested a great deal of time and effort to offer training and Technical Support that is easy to obtain and, of course, useful.


We offer training classes for TracTime™ on a regular basis, as well as on demand. Visit the training area for class schedules and information.

Technical Support

We offer several ways to obtain support, including telephone, e-mail, help on the web and Live Meeting. Choose the links below to access online help.

Phone: (760) 744-5700 option 1

Email: Support

On the web: FAQs

Lync Web App

Microsoft Lync Web App is a free web application, which is used by technical support to remotely demonstrate, guide an install, train or diagnose TracTime™.

Windows Remote Assistance

Microsoft Windows Remote Assistance is a built in feature, which is used by technical support to remotely demonstrate, install, train or diagnose TracTime™.

Related Information

Technical support is handled with either a support contract or a pay-per-call scenario. Included with your TracTime™ purchase is 30 days of unlimited support calls. Calls outside the first 30 days will be billed individually or included on a support contract. Contact a tech support or sales representative for more information.