Scheduling is the Foundation
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Product Features

All program features pertain directly to production tract developing for single homes and multi-family


  • 7 templates reflecting current industry standards
  • FREE custom templates created just for you!
  • Unlimited quantity and ability to create your own custom templates
  • Create new projects in 2 to 3 minutes
  • Easily modifiable with standard Windows editing techniques

Project Control

  • 5-, 6- or 7-day workweek
  • Rapid automated date entry
  • Develops priority To-Do lists
  • Cycle Time Reports
  • View multiple units on one page
  • Creates detailed report & graph of Milestones and Buyer Option Cut-Offs
  • Projected work schedule accommodates “Out-of-Order” tasks
  • Apply revision date to any activity or any lot
  • Tracks and holds inventory--any unit, any activity
  • Integrates with most accounting systems
  • Trade resourcing
  • Behind Task reporting
  • Daily Closings Report
  • Open platform for adding custom reports
  • Automated notification to staff and trades
  • Bank draw and quality walk reports
  • PDF and Internet reporting
  • Catch-up reporting
  • Re-sequence sold lots


  • Most features are displayed on buttons or a graphical toolbar
  • Customized with your company logo
  • Calculator for calculating logic lengths, start date and pull off dates
  • Friendly, easy to use shortcuts are placed specifically to optimize usage.
  • Carry cost calculator
  • Tips & Tricks

Data Exchange

  • Microsoft Mail
  • MAN or Lotus cc:Mail
  • DDE
  • OLE 2.0
  • ODBC
  • PDF
  • HTML