Scheduling is the Foundation
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This is the central form that contains the logic, milestones and concurrent activities for your lots. After building your schedule you will enter your start dates, choose milestones and options then start entering actual dates.

The Daily Field Report is the Central data entry point for all TracTime Reports, creating a true single-entry system.

Using TracTime Will Simplify Productivity
  • See all lots on one page
  • Enter ahead or behind dates fast
  • Targets problem areas that need attention
  • Buyer option cut-off reports
  • Tag Activities for Queries
  • Quick and easy learning curve
  • Switch to 5, 6 or 7 day work weeks anywhere, anytime
  • Customize your own schedules
  • Hold lots for inventory
  • Summary reports
  • Condensed reports for management review
  • Shows variances by unit and by milestone
  • Projected mode shows revised dates based on current status
  • Place customized notes anywhere on the page
  • And more. . . . . . .

Some TracTime Reports

Option Cutoffs Catch Up Reports
Milestones Behind Activities
Bank Draws Projections
Quality Inspections Weekly Tasks
Inspections Recaps for Accounting
Measure Points Performance & Efficiency
Order Points Weather and Delay Log
Call Points Overall Summaries
Deliveries Revision Tables

Other Features Include

Batch Printing This will launch a utility that will let you update and print reports from multiple project files without having to manually open each project file, update the report, and then print it.
Template Libraries Templates are very useful for creating, editing, storing and using many diverse types of construction logics. In the Template section of OnsiteBuilder you can

  • Auto number activities
  • Enter cost codes
  • Format construction logics